Further Reading

Field Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britain 

Steve Brooks illustrated by Richard Lewington first published 1997 ISBN 0 9531399 0 5.

Published by British Wildlife Publishing �.95

A superb modern fieldguide with handbook detail which fits in the pocket. This book has the classic mix of an author who knows his subject inside out and one of Europe’s leading insect illustrators. A must have in any Dragonfly enthusiasts library. Buy two and keep one in the car at all times!

New 2nd Edition of the Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain and Ireland.by Steve Brooks Illustrated by Richard Lewington.
According to the advert…’The Best just got better..the highly acclaimed guide to Dragonflies,including all resident and migrant species.’
New revised 2002 edition including Small Red Eyed Damselfly, complete new printing of the artworks,maps and text.
280 colour artworks and photographs;160 pages.

A  Guide to Dragonflies of Great Britainby Dan Powell first published in 1999 ISBN 1 900159 01 5 Published  by Arlequin Press �.95 This guide is useful in that it relates the ‘jizz’ of Dragonflies and Damselflies and complements the Brooks and Lewington book.This book is  regarded by Tim ‘Mr White Faced Darter” Beynon as the best Guide to have.

Derbyshire Dragonflies  by Roderick Dunn  published by the then Derbyshire Naturalists Trust forerunner of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in 1984. This ground breaking guide which fired the enthusiasm of many of the county’s enthusiasts of today is now long out of print. This booklet will soon be replaced by a book relating ten years of Field work  done by the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society

Atlas of the dragonflies of Britain and Ireland  by R Merritt, N W Moore and B C Eversham �.95 published in 1995 by the HMSO and Natural Environment Research Council. A culmination of hours of recording by observers all over the UK. A superb piece of work showing the  then known distribution of the UK’s Dragonflies. Well worth buying to give you a feel of the nation’s Dragonfly population. A Derbyshire connection too with one of the authors being no less the former county recorder and  also editor of the  1983 second edition  Cyril Hammonds work  ‘ The Dragonflies of Great Britain and Ireland,’ Bob Merritt.

For Dragon watching further afield in  Europe & USA

The Dragonflies of Europeby R R Askew first published in 1988 By Harley Books

ISBN  0 946589 10 0 � ish. A pricey tome but well worth a copy on the shelf. A new edition is due out soon in a ”field guide ” format which will fit in the pocket unlike this heavy tome.

Dragoning in USA.

Dragonflies through Binoculars A field Guide to the Dragonflies of North America by Sidney W. Dunkle published by Oxford University Press 2000 � This is a cracking guide covering all 307 species to be found over the pond. The maps and photos may appear small to some but hey there is a great deal of ground to cover!

Dragonflies of the Florida Peninsula, Bermuda and the Bahamas  by Sidney W Dunkle  pub in 1989 and the  Damselflies of the Florida Peninsula , Bermuda and the Bahamas  by Sidney W Dunkle. pub in 1990. Great plates, good text. Well worth packing for that trip to Florida. Even Disney World has Dragons!

County Guides

Benten, E 1988
The DRAGONFLIES OF ESSEX The Essex Field Club.
Campbell, J M 1983 AN ATLAS OF OXFORDSHIRE DRAGONFLIES Oxfordshire County Council Dept of Museum Services.

Coker,S & Fox, T ., 1985

Gabb, Richard Kitching David 1992
THE DRAGONFLIES AND DAMSELFLIES OF CHESHIRE The Galleries and Museums of Merseyside.

Kemp R 1981

Mendel H 1992 SUFFOLK DRAGONFLIES Suffolk Naturalists Trust
A superbly illustrated County guide which almost rates as a field guide

Prendergast EDV 1991 THE DRAGONFLIES OF DORSET Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society

Randolph Simon 1992 DRAGONFLIES OF THE BRISTOL REGION City of Bristol Museums and Art Gallery

DRAGONFLIES OF PEMBROKESHIRE 1986 Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Welstead, N and Welstead T 1984 THE DRAGONFLIES OF THE NEW FOREST Hants and Isle of Wight Nats Trust