Welcome to 2007!

The season officially kicked off in Derbyshire on the 17th April Jim Alder finding a single Large Red Dasmelfly at Stockley Pond Glapwell in the North East of the County. As ever the year invariably begins with this heraldic species. The warm weather is creating drought conditions with many water bodies suffering falling water levels. It would appear that we are two weeks in advance of last year.

We hope that you have found the RSS feed to our site useful over the last year. If you wish to benefit from this facility this year. Why not giv eit a go. This will enable you to receive our news through your RSS Reader. If you want to read more about RSS Feed there is a very good article on the BBC Web Site New for 2007


We will be developing the Reporting facilities this year. Do you have a desire to see the information we have collected in any particular form? Please let us know and we will review all the requests and select two or three practical ones that we can implement on your behalf.